Masai - Nienke Nillesen (Netherlands / Tanzania)

Van Vrijdag 04 Augustus 2017
t/m Zaterdag 05 Augustus 2017

In the music theatre production Masai the Dutch-Tanzanian mezzosoprano Nienke Nillesen alternates between personal stories, classical arias and African songs. The focal point is her relationship with her father, a Masai chief, and her 32 half-brothers and sisters (and no, that number is not a hakuna typo to say it in Swahili) Masai is a moving story about family, missing, communication and a mysterious sand mountain, causing plenty of laughter. But first and foremost Masai explores cultural differences, and Nienke’s effortless way of rising above them: “Even though I am unable to communicate with many of my family members, dancing, singing and jumping together has given me a real sense of connection.” At 17h00 and 21h00.


Locatie Theaterfestival Boulevard