Twee Afrikaanse kunstenaars bij Paradys

Van Zaterdag 02 Juli 2022
t/m Zondag 14 Augustus 2022

Tijd om te beleven. Wanneer kom jij naar Arcadia? Honderd zomerdagen lang, tot 14 augustus, barst Fryslân van de lokale en internationale kunst, voorstellingen, lezingen, dans, zang, theater, literatuur, poëzie en nog veel meer! Weet je nog niet waarheen je wilt? Vandaag in arcadia
Met 2 kunstenaars uit Afrika. CATPC / Athanas Kindendie (1970, Congo): How do you cope with exploitation, inequality and colonialism? The controversial artist and filmmaker Renzo Martens made this theme his life’s work. In 2010, following his provocative documentaries Episode I (2003) and Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2008), he became artistic director of the Institute for Human Activities (IHA). The IHA studies the relationship between art and global inequality, and focuses specifically on the exploitation at a palm oil plantation in the Congolese rainforest. Em’kal Eyongakpa (1981, Kɛnyaŋ/Dɛnya) is an artist from Cameroon holding degrees in Plant Biology, Ecology and a residency in Fine Art from the Rijksakademie Amsterdam, where he currently lives and works. Eyongakpa made a name for himself with physical sound works that evoke personal and collectives experiences. He finds inspiration in native art, the relationship between plants and humans, applied mycology (how fungi and moulds grow) and technology. Paradys will take place in and around the Oranjewoud park landscape near Heerenveen