Donderdag 28 April 2016

Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Lezing en debat
ASC Seminar: Is religious radicalization a threat to stable countries in West Africa?
Donderdag 28 April 2016 15:30 - 17:00

Peter Knoope headed a team that conducted field research in Ghana and Benin, exploring the potential for religious radicalization in stable countries in West Africa. The team looked into religious, historical, political and societal dynamics that may constitute elements of future (in)stability. New religious “ideologies” (Christian evangelism and/or Sunni revivalism), mixed with economic frustrations, have deeply impacted the traditional balance and make long-term stability a challenge for many countries in the region. Peter Knoope will address ways in which the Ghanaian and Beninese actors deal with politics, identity and societal stress. Please register