NL, Tilburg - t kwadraat - Evenement
Africa Night Tilburg
Zaterdag 16 November 2019 22:00

Africa Night Tilburg is the monthly dance night with African music as its central theme.  It is a gathering of all lovers of African music. During the course of the night, the DJs play African swinging and dance music like Azonto, Coupe decale, Kizomba, Naija, UG, Zouglou, Kwaito, Genge, Bongo Flava, Ndombolo, Mbalax to mention a but a few. Music with roots in Africa like Reggae, Merengue, Zouk etc. are also highlighted. The audience is always guaranteed maximum dancing pleasure and satisfaction.


NL, Leiden - De X - Evenement
Black X-mas swingavond - african, latin, caribbean, funk & soul met o.a. djs Jan, John & Francesco
Zaterdag 21 December 2019 21:00

In deze donkere koude dagen hebben we behoefte aan warmte en licht. Kom dus naar deze spiksplinternieuwe swingavond met verwarmende muziek. Huis-deejays John en Francesco, bijgestaan door o.a. DJ Jan, trakteren jullie niet alleen op de heetste klanken uit Afrika, Latijns-Amerika en de Cariben, maar ook nog op wat vette Amerikaanse funk en soul. Verwacht een avond vol hypnotiserende gitaren, stuwende bassen, funky percussie en dito orgeltjes. Dans je in het zweet op afrobeat, cumbia, cadence, soukous, salsa, ska, kaseko, highlife, funk en soul. Van Angola tot Haïti, van Colombia tot Ethiopië, en van Suriname tot New Orleans. Begin jouw kerstvakantie direct on a high en laat die heupen gaan!



NL, Leiden - Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden - Evenement
Conference: Africa, 60 years of independence
Donderdag 30 Januari 2020 09:00 - 17:00

This conference will bring together some of today’s most influential thinkers on African affairs to reflect on the current social, political, religious, economic, and environmental dynamics that characterize the continent. Independence from colonial rule (around 1960), to many, was a turning point in African history - but what has changed, and what has persisted? What have been the drivers of stability and transformation? And how do we interpret the outcomes of these processes, for example in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals or the continent’s relationship with climate change? We challenge each of the speakers to reflect on Africa’s recent past and current state of affairs through the lens of their own discipline and expertise. Read more about the background of the conference. The conference is organized in the framework of Africa 2020, hosted by LeidenASA, the assembled Africanists from Leiden University and its LDE-partners TU Delft and Erasmus University (and others) to mark the year in which 17 countries on the African continent will celebrate 60 years of independence.