Dinsdag 17 Juli 2018

South Africa, Johannesburg - Wanderers Stadion - Lezing en debatmandela100
Barack Obama delivers 16th Mandela Lecture
Dinsdag 17 Juli 2018 14:00

The Wanderers Stadium downtown Johannesburg will host the 16th Nelson Mandela Lecture delivered by President Barack Obama. Thousands of people will attend the lecture, an initiative by the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) in collaboration with the Motsepe Foundation.
The delivery begins at 14h00 and will be live streamed by the NMF at www.nelsonmandela.org
Join us for the livestream of Barack Obama's speech at Mandela100 in Johannesburg. Venue: ZAM office, Tussen de Bogen 66, Amsterdam (near Haarlemmerplein). For a map check www.zammagazine.com/contact