Zaterdag 21 Augustus 2021

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, - Online - Dans en theater
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021 - Intambo (Burundi)
Zaterdag 07 Augustus 2021 11:45
t/m Zaterdag 21 Augustus 2021

Ruciteme Karyenda Culture de Buyenzi is a group of Burundian drummers. It was founded in 1987 and started with 27 members. The members range in age from 8-50. We perform an old, traditional Burundi dance that was played for the kings. The dance should bring people together and aims to bring happiness and peace to the nation. The group's aim is to represent the Burundian culture. We have won different prizes in various regions and countries: in Kigali (12 March 2013), in Paris (28 November 2014), in Kampala (7 September 2014). Online (available on 7 and 21 August)