Vrijdag 17 September 2021

Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Lezing en debat
ASC Seminar: Language, Education and Identity in Africa
Vrijdag 17 September 2021 10:30 - 16:45

This event will take place both online and physically in Leiden. All registrees will receive a link to the online platform one day before the start of the event. What have been the effects of the colonial era on Africa and what is the way forward? Those are questions that many have asked, and that also form the starting point of Bert van Pinxteren's dissertation, 'Language, Education and Identity in Africa', which he will defend on Thursday 16 September and discuss during this seminar on Friday 17 September. Van Pinxteren looks for answers in the works of Vansina and Prah, who hold that the old cultural traditions in Africa have been destroyed in colonial times. They also maintain that new cultural traditions are currently taking shape, based in part in African languages. The book based on the dissertation uses new insights gained from Hofstede’s approach to cross-cultural psychology to show that such a process is indeed happening on the continent and that it will be key to Africa’s decolonisation. An extended and revised version of the book is due to be published later this year by the ASCL. click here to register


, Maastricht - Bestuursgebouw Maastricht University - Lezing en debat
On-Site Promotie mw. Sandra van Pelt
Vrijdag 17 September 2021 12:00

Promotores: Prof.dr. R.A.C. Ruiter, Prof.dr. J.B.F. de Wit, UU. Co-promotores: Dr. K. Massar, Dr. L. Shields-Zeeman, Trimbos Institute, Utrecht.
"The Nurse Assistant App. Development and evaluation of an electronic decision aid to improve the quality of antenatal care in Magu district, Tanzania"

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