Agenda 2019

November 2019

Nederland, Utrecht - Academiegebouw Universiteit Utrecht - Lezing en debat
PhD: Inclusive agribusiness and food security in Ethiopia: the implications of smallholder involvement in commercial food crop value chain
Vrijdag 15 November 2019 10:30 - 11:15

Promovendus: Kebede Gebru. Promotor(es): prof. dr. E.B. Zoomers. Co-promotor(es): dr. W.H.M. Leungdr. ir. C.F. Rammelt


Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Lezing en debat
LeidenASA seminar: African Muslim Migrants in Secular Europe in the Age of Islamism: Negotiating Belief and Ethnoreligiosity in European Cities
Maandag 18 November 2019 15:30 - 17:00

Studies on the religiosity of Sub-Sahara African Muslim migrants in Europe tend to give prominence to certain aspects of spirituality, like Sufism (see Kaag 2013; 2008; Soares 2004; Diouf 2002), but virtually not the wider question of belief and religiosity within the context of integration in a predominantly secular society. With the ‘war on terror’ shaping public perception of Islam and Muslims as monolithic ideology and community respectively (Kundnani 2015; Mamdani 2004; Diouf 2002), the essentialist view not only compounds the little regard accorded to varied nuances of Muslim religiosity, but also ethnoreligious experiences of Sub-Sahara African Muslims - often subsumed in the rubrics of the umma - as ethnic minorities living Islam in the European society that this study espouses. Taking belief as a multi-dimensional phenomenon with specific contexts (Day 2013), this study, therefore, seeks to enhance our nuanced understanding of Muslim religiosity among apolitical migrants who actively incorporate faith in their lives in secular societies accustomed to low-key approach to religiosity yet absorbed in the ‘war on terror’. This is a joint seminar with the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion (LUCSoR). Speaker: Dr Suleiman Chembea

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Nederland, Groningen - Academiegebouw Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Lezing en debat
PhD: Asthma prevalence and mortality in Sub Saharan Africa: the case of Uganda
Woensdag 27 November 2019 11:00

PhD ceremony: B.J. Kirenga. Supervisors: prof. dr. T. (Thys) van der Molen, prof. dr. H.M. (Marike) Boezen, Prof. M. kamya, Co-supervisor: dr. C. (Corina) de Jong. Faculty: Medical Sciences / UMCG


Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Lezing en debat
LeidenASA seminar: The world in a sweetshop? Localising the Indian Ocean in Mombasa, Kenya
Woensdag 27 November 2019 14:30 - 16:00

In their influential contribution to theorising the urban from Johannesburg, Mbembe & Nuttall (2004: 348) observe the continued tendency to “describe Africa as an object apart from the world”, and decry the systematic inattention to its “embeddedness in multiple elsewheres”. This is a stark contrast to the literature on the East African littoral, where city life is typically explained in terms of its entrenched connectivity to the Indian Ocean realm (Kresse 2012, Loimeier & Seesemann 2006). Rather than assuming African urban space as inherently connected or disconnected to the world beyond, this paper argues that conceptualisations of conjunction in and from the continent must be grounded in the imaginaries of city residents themselves. Drawing on examples of everyday eating practices in the Kenyan port of Mombasa, Zoë Goodman will outline the problematic notions of origin and spread that underpin much of the literature on Indian Ocean Africa, and assert the political imperative to view edible instantiations of littoral urbanism as ‘already local’ (Pennycook 2010). Speaker: Dr. Zoë Goodman

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Nederland, Wageningen - Auditorium Wageningen - Lezing en debat
PhD defence: Feed the crop, not the soil! Explaining variability in maize yield responses tonutrient applications in smallholder farms of western Kenya
Donderdag 28 November 2019 11:00 - 12:30

PhD candidate: S (Samuel) Njoroge Kinyanjui. Promotor: prof.dr. KE (Ken) Giller. Co-promotor: AGT (Tom) Schut & Shamie Zingore. Organisation: Wageningen University, Plant Production Systems


Nederland, Leiden - ASC Room 0A28, Pieter de la Court building - Lezing en debat
Conference: Government Policies, Multinational Businesses and Financial Flows in Africa
Vrijdag 29 November 2019 09:00 - 17:00

In 1990 Robert Lucas published a seminal article in the American Economic Review where he observed that capital does not flow from developed countries to developing countries, despite the fact that developed countries have higher levels of capital per worker and thus should be more susceptible to diminishing returns on additional capital inflows. This observation, which contradicts classical economic theory, has come to be known as the Lucas puzzle. In the context of Africa, a variant of this Lucas puzzle will be to ask why capital flows from Africa to the developed regions of the world? Although in the past there have been several studies on the activities of multinational companies (MNCs) and their consequence for the economic development of Africa, none of these studies have been conducted in the context of the role of MNCs in the financial flows of Africa, which is also the poorest continent in the world. While it has for some time been known that Africa, despite its poverty status, is also a net exporter of capital, most of the studies that exposed this fact have rarely stressed the dominant role of MNCs in the above dynamics. It has however now been established that MNCs are by far the single largest source of both legal capital export and illegal capital leakage from the continent. The consequence of the above is that African countries have been plunged further into poverty. This has implications for security and migration issues in the West.

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Nederland, Amsterdam - Roeterseilandcampus (UvA) - Lezing en debat
Strengthening Women's Food Entrepreneurship in City Slums in Kenya and Burkina Faso
Vrijdag 29 November 2019 09:30 - 13:00

You are cordially invited to participate in the final seminar of the inter- and transdisciplinary research programme on 'Strengthening Women's Food Entrepreneurship in City Slums in Kenya and Burkina Faso'.
Locatie     Roeterseilandcampus - building A - Ruimte     Room A1.02


December 2019

Nederland, Amsterdam - Aula Vrije Universiteit - Lezing en debat
PhD: In search of repair: critical white responses to whiteness as a theological problem – a South African contribution
Maandag 02 December 2019 09:45

Titel: In search of repair: critical white responses to whiteness as a theological problem – a South African contribution. Promovendus:  G. van Wyngaard. Promotor: prof.dr. E.A.J.G. van der Borght, prof.dr. R. Tshaka. Onderdeel: Faculteit Religie en Theologie. Categorie: Theologie


Nederland, Leiden - ASC, Pieter de la Court building - Lezing en debat
Stephen Ellis Annual Lecture by Emmanuel Akyeampong: Spirituality, Culture & Political Power in Early Independent West Africa
Dinsdag 03 December 2019 18:00 - 20:00

In his work Stephen Ellis probed the continuing influence of indigenous religions and cultural idioms and understandings of power on contemporary politics in West Africa. In this memorial lecture named after Stephen Ellis, Prof. Emmanuel Akyeampong draws on his insights to explore the nexus of spirituality, culture, and political power in the connected lives of three first generation African nationalist leaders: Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Sekou Touré of Guinea, and Leopold Senghor of Senegal. Mission-educated (Catholic) in the cases of Nkrumah and Senghor, with the former even considering a priestly vocation and the latter deeply influenced by his Catholic faith, the exigencies of political power and nation-building necessitated reaching out to different religious constituencies. Imagining the African nation-state opened doors to various ethnic cultural influences. These processes were not unambiguous, unsurprisingly, and this first generation of nationalist political leaders – in their experiments with secular, modern African nation-states – would bequeath multiple registers that continue to shape modern politics in contemporary Africa. Emmanuel Akyeampong is the Ellen Gurney Professor of History and of African and African American Studies and Oppenheimer Faculty Director of the Center for African Studies at Harvard University. Please register


Nederland, Leiden - Academiegebouw Universiteit Leiden - Lezing en debat
Promotie: Human-lion conflict around nairobi national park
Woensdag 04 December 2019 15:00 - 15:45

Promovendus: Francis Lesilau
Promotoren: Prof.dr. G.R. De Snoo & Prof.dr. G. A. Persoon


Nederland, Groningen - Academiegebouw Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Lezing en debat
PhD: The legal position of taxpayers in Tanzania
Donderdag 05 December 2019 11:00

A Comparative Study of the tax System of Tanzania and The United Kingdom on The Promotion of Taxpayers Rights Especially with Respect to Legal Persons Subjected To Corporate Income Tax
PhD ceremony: mr. T.S. (Talib) Zahor. Supervisors: prof. dr. J.N. Bouwman, Prof. L.W. Gormley. Faculty: Law


Nederland, Rotterdam - Rotterdam - Lezing en debat
Promotie: Citizen Engagement. Politics and Digital Media in Namibia
Donderdag 05 December 2019 13:30 - 15:00

Op donderdag 5 december 2019 verdedigt S.P. Shihomeka zijn proefschrift, getiteld: ‘Citizen Engagement. Politics and Digital Media in Namibia’.
Promotor: Prof. dr. M.S.S.E. Janssen. Co-promotor: dr. P. Arora.
Ruimte: Senaatszaal; Gebouw: Erasmus Building; Locatie: Campus Woudestein


Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Lezing en debat
GSG Public Lecture by Paulin Hountondji: Moralising God? - Religions and Politics in Africa Today
Donderdag 05 December 2019 15:00 - 16:30

This public lecture is hosted by the CRG 'Politics, Governance and Law in Africa' at the African Studies Centre Leiden. It is part of the Paulin Hountondji Tour initiated by the Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG) programme at the University of Groningen, the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development (PCF) and the University of Münster. Paulin Hountondji is one of the most prominent African philosophers of the last fifty years. With his sharp and argumentative style of writing and with his outspoken position on the tasks of philosophising in Africa he has made friends and enemies. Most famous is his devastating critique of so-called ‘ethnophilosophy’ that takes African philosophy to be the collective worldviews of African peoples. He wrote his dissertation in Paris with Althusser and Derrida, and his book Philosophie africaine: critique de l'ethnophilosophie (Paris, Maspero 1976) (African philosophy, Myth and Reality, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1983) was awarded the Herskovits Prize, and was selected as one of the 100 best African books of the 20th century; he was also awarded a Prince Claus prize and Mohamed El Fasi prize.

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Nederland, Groningen - Academiegebouw Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Lezing en debat
PhD: Understanding the evolution of infidelity using the Seychelles warbler system
Vrijdag 06 December 2019 11:00

PhD ceremony: S. (Sara) Raj Pant, PhD. Supervisors: prof. dr. ir. J. (Jan) Komdeur, Prof. D.S. Richardson. Co-supervisor: Prof. H.L. Dugdale. Faculty: Science and Engineering


NL, Leiden - Pieterskerk Leiden - Lezing en debat
Marlene Dumas houdt 48ste Huizingalezing
Vrijdag 06 December 2019 20:00 - 21:30

Op vrijdag 6 december houdt beeldend kunstenaar Marlene Dumas de 48ste Huizingalezing. In de Pieterskerk in Leiden zal Dumas een rede houden met als titel ‘Het Onverantwoordelijke Gebaar - of ga terug naar waar jij vandaan komt’. Dumas’ lezing gaat over gedachten en verschijnselen die zich opdringen wanneer gesproken wordt over beeldende kunst: begrippen zoals oorsprong, cultuur, vrijheid en censuur. En over de onontkoombare relatie tussen beeld en woord. Marlene Dumas (1953) wordt beschouwd als een van meest toonaangevende beeldend kunstenaars van deze tijd. Na haar opleiding aan de Universiteit van Kaapstad (B.A. Schone Kunsten, 1972 -1975) studeerde zij aan de Ateliers ’63 in Haarlem. Sindsdien woont en werkt zij in Amsterdam. Internationale bekendheid verwierf Dumas met haar vernieuwing van het geschilderde portret in ‘close up’ en de uitbeelding van de menselijke figuur. Zij speelt met de meerduidigheid van het beeld en de rol van de beschouwer. Op verschillende continenten zijn solotentoonstellingen te zien geweest: in 2008 in New York (MoMA) en in 2014 in Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum). In 2014 verscheen ook een hernieuwde uitgave van haar publicatie Sweet Nothings. Notes and Texts: een tekstbundel over haar rol als kunstenaar en die van de kunst in het algemeen.


Nederland, Amsterdam - Aula Vrije Universiteit - Lezing en debat
PhD: Oesophagus cancer on the east coast of South Africa
Maandag 09 December 2019 09:45

Titel: Oesophagus cancer on the east coast of South Africa. Promovendus:  E. Loots. Promotor: prof.dr. C.J.J. Mulder, dr. T.E. Madiba. Onderdeel: VU medisch centrum. Categorie: Medisch


Nederland, Nijmegen - Academiezaal Aula - Lezing en debat
China’s Foreign Aid in East Africa: Decentralising Cooperation (Promotie)
Dinsdag 10 December 2019 13:00

Promovendus: de heer MSc. X. Shi. Promotor(es): prof. dr. P.R.J. Hoebink. Faculteit: Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen. (Sub)titel: China’s Foreign Aid in East Africa: Decentralising Cooperation


Nederland, Leiden - Academiegebouw Universiteit Leiden - Lezing en debat
Lezing: Political Science Lunch Research Seminar: Measuring Conflict Events in Africa—The Potential of Local Newspaper Data
Woensdag 11 December 2019 12:00 - 13:00

Spreker: Leila Demarest
Locatie: Pieter de la Court gebouw, Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK Leiden, Zaal: 5.A37


Nederland, Leiden - ASC - Lezing en debat
CRG Book Seminar Series: Why Animals Matter & The Emotional Lives of Animals
Woensdag 11 December 2019 16:00 - 17:00

This seminar series is organised by the CRG Trans-species perspectives on African Studies. The foundations of the initiative to start the Collaborative Research Group ‘Trans-species perspectives on African Studies’ are the scientific advances in animal sentience and animal cognition that show that humans and animals do not differ in kind but in degree. Following from this is the CRG’s suggestion that ‘as animals are like us’ they should be considered part of ‘the social’ and included in our social sciences research and theorizing. Whatever we think and theorize about humans now must be extended to include animals as well. This also holds for African Studies. But what kind of ‘scientific evidence’ are we actually talking about? In a series of seminars the convenor of the CRG, Dr. Harry Wels, will discuss three books that present the scientific evidence for animal sentience and cognition.

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Nederland, Leiden - Museum Volkenkunde - Lezing en debat
LeidenASA Annual Meeting. Keynote by Sean Jacobs of 'Africa is a Country'
Donderdag 12 December 2019 14:00 - 17:30

Annual meeting of the Leiden African Studies Assembly (LeidenASA). This year with a keynote lecture by Sean Jacobs, associate professor of international affairs at the Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs at The New School, and founder and editor of Africa is a Country: A new political vocabulary: What kinds of futures come after nationalism for Africa? In the lecture, Sean Jacobs will review the current state of African politics, dominated by national liberation or legacy political parties riddled with various forms of corruption and promoting narrow nationalism and nativism. He plans to tackle the question: what kinds of political alternatives are available? He plans to also speak to the role of African Studies scholars at this juncture. Please register