Dinsdag 19 Maart 2019

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Nederland, - Nederland - Dans en theater
Explore Festival : Somewhere at the Beginning - Germaine Acogny (SE)

In this piece we explore through dance, traces of the history of Germaine Acogny and Africa through the prism of tragedy. It is a dialogue with issues of archaic background, a vessel full of associations loaded with content of our time. Taking this matter as a projection surface, enables us with this work to enter differently into the questionings and sufferings of our time. It was a great challenge to be able to offer on stage a strong and uncompromising dialogue between contemporary Africa and the ancient tragic world. In Groningen, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Breda, Utrecht, Heerlen en Rotterdam


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Nederland, - Nederland - Dans en theater
Explore Festival : Du Désir d’horizons [Burkina Faso]

Where does the boundary between yourself and the other lie? How should you deal with problems while not losing yourself in the process? The dance performance Du désir d’horizons by choreographer Salia Sanou from Burkina Faso, one of the most influential artists in contemporary African dance, revolves around these questions. Sanou sought inspiration in the experiences he had during workshops he gave to refugees in his home country Burkina Faso (West Africa), although he says the performance should not be seen as documenting life in refugee camps. Instead, Sanou has six dancers, a narrator and two young refugees tell ‘stories’ about universal themes, which should also be familiar to non-refugees: loneliness, the individual versus the collective and the desire for freedom. In Amsterdam, Utrecht en Rotterdam


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Nederland, - Nederland - Dans en theater
Explore Festival : Via Kanana [South Africa]

These are dark times in South Africa. The victory over apartheid has not brought the expected peace. The country is plagued by crime and riots. The gap between rich and poor is huge and unfortunately is often similar to that between black and white. The promised land has, in other words, not been reached. A promised land that you are led to believe in, often by corrupt rulers, but one that never materialises: The South African Sotho-word ‘Kanana’ refers to this. The word is astonishingly similar to Canaan, the biblical land of milk and honey that was promised to Moses. In Via Kanana Gregory Maqoma and Via Katlehong explore routes to that promised land, which may never be reached but should not lead to despair. In Heerlen, Breda, Groningen en Den Haag