Woensdag 01 Mei 2019

Nederland, Leiden - ASC, Pieter de la Court building - Lezing en debat
ASCL Seminar: South African Elections Approach: Has the Liberation Dream been Realised?
Woensdag 01 Mei 2019 15:00 - 16:30

On the occasion of the upcoming South African elections, the ASCL has invited Barry Gilder to give a lecture. Barry Gilder will speak about his publications The List and Songs and Secrets (see abstracts below, both books can be purchased after the event), and he will reflect on the South African elections of 8 May 2019. Although conceived well before the ANC’s 2017 elective conference, The List imagines a ‘New Dawn’ for South Africa in the closing years of the 2010s. But, is it dawn or dusk? Rumours have abounded since the early days of South African democracy, of a list given to Nelson Mandela by apartheid securocrats of their agents infiltrated into the upper echelons of the ANC during the struggle years. These rumours gained new currency with the death of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in April 2018 and the revelations of the machinations of apartheid’s Stratcom securocrats. Please register