Black Clouds - Fabrice Murgia / Cie Artara (Belgium / Senegal)

Vrijdag 11 Augustus 2017, 20:30
t/m Zaterdag 12 Augustus 2017

Every era has its dark basement. The Walloon theatre maker Fabrice Murgia [Verviers, 1983] – newly appointed artistic director of the Théâtre National in Brussels – is taking you by your wary hand, down the steps and into the darkest vaults of the internet, a.k.a the Dark Web. Here you will find the so-called brouters, online fraudsters from the Ivory Coast. But also pedlars of fake passports, guns and organs. But above all, this is the domain of sex tourism.
In Black Clouds two Flemish actors and two from Senegal investigate the abrasive relations between the North and the South, Big Brother and the individual, male lovemongers and female yearners. A confrontational mosaic play about shifting boundaries, visible and invisible.


Locatie Theaterfestival Boulevard