What Future for the Sahel? Institutions, religion, mobility and (geo)politics in Sahelian Africa

Dinsdag 23 Oktober 2018, 10:45 - 17:00

The objective of this meeting is, for a mixed audience of academics, students, journalists, policy makers and NGO employees, to provide insight into the background of the continuing crisis in the Sahel from different perspectives. The meeting will consist of four to five moderated 30-minute presentations, with Q&A sessions, to be followed by a Round Table discussion. Confirmed speakers: Prof. dr. Mirjam de Bruijn; Prof. dr. Han van Dijk; Sergei Boeke; Modibo Galy Cissé; Dr. Mamadou Bodian. Registration required. Jointly organized with the Sahel Research Group, University of Florida.  Location: Small conference room, Poortgebouw Zuid, Rijnsburgerweg 10 Leiden


Locatie Poortgebouw
Rijnsburgerweg 10