What about Africa ? - 14 Contemporary African Artists

Van Zaterdag 23 Januari 2016
t/m Zaterdag 27 Februari 2016

‘What about Africa?’ provides an overview of the work of 14 contemporary African artists. Most of them have never exhibited in the Netherlands before. They differ in age, in discipline, in method and also in subject matter. A number of them live and work in Europe, others divide their time between Europe and Africa or live and work in their homeland. The combination of all these factors makes ‘What about Africa?’ a surprising and intriguing presentation. A special edition of the Witteveen Magazine will be published for the exhibition. This edition will be entirely devoted to ‘What about Africa?” with an introduction and (visual) information about the participating artists and their work.


Locatie Witteveen Visual Art Centre
Konijnenstraat 16 A