Summer @ SANAA 2020 - Highlights of the past year - artists of the gallery.

Van Zaterdag 11 Juli 2020
t/m Zaterdag 05 September 2020

A weird year, first the 10 year celebration of SANAA and then Corona. We love to show the work of artists of the gallery: Rabi Koria (Syrie/NL), Anna Frydman (Germany), Option Dzikamai Nyanhunzvi (Zimbabwe), Raafat Ballan (Syrie/NL), Halina Zalewska (Poland/NL), Benine du Toit (RSA/NL). SANAA presents highlights of the past year. Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi shows vibrant drawings on paper and canvas inspired by his daily life and culture in Zimbabwe. Raafat Ballan presents new oil paintings of the serie Home, referring to the last months of lock down. Pressing Matters drawings of Halina Zalewska also feature in this show after her succesful solo exhibition in June. In the new powerful paintings of Rabi Koria form and content dialogue translated in the fragmentation of the image. Koria makes panels of tiles and plays with these tiles like a puzzle to find the right composition. Benine du Toit made raw works of charcoal and oilpaint, inspired by the racial tensions in South Africa were she was born. As a contrast in the watercolours of  the serie Schöne Kleider of Anna Frydman we feel the summer breeze.


Locatie Galerie Sanaa
Jansdam 2