CRG Seminar: The promise and pitfalls of mHealth in Africa

Vrijdag 25 Juni 2021, 09:30 - 12:00

This event will take place online. Registrees will receive a link one day before the start of the event. Over the past year, researchers in the Collaborative Research Group 'Pioneering Futures of Health and Well-Being' conducted multiple explorative studies on perceptions of and experiences with mHealth and Schistomosiasis in Africa. Focusing on case studies in Chad, using qualitative and quantitative research approaches, studies were conducted with patients and communities where mHealth interventions are being implemented, with doctors involved in these interventions, as well as with Europe-based international organisations initiating and supporting mHealth projects. In this seminar, the CRG members present emerging findings from these studies to gain deeper understanding of the promise and pitfalls of mHealth in Africa. Due to the mobile phone penetration, hopes have been placed in mHealth to increase access to healthcare. In addition, the aim of the seminar to explore how our preliminary insights help identify critical issues and gaps that need to be taken up in future research and practice.Click here to register for this event.


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